Barents Bird 2022
Modern Nordic cities: ecology and sustainable development.

"The Culture of Everyday Life. Recycle & Trash to Fashion" is an international exhibition of subject design and fashion on the topic of reasonable waste management. The project will take place at the festival "Nordic Weeks in St. Petersburg" with the participation of Russia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

In domestic design, the use of waste other than plastic is a fairly new direction. For demonstrating the wide possibilities of the material created from household waste, the stars of northern design were invited to participate. 

For the project "Culture of Everyday Life. Recycle & Trash to Fashion» authors from St. Petersburg and Moscow visited enterprises for the processing of glass, paper, plastic, construction debris, textiles, car tires, TetraPak packaging and, choosing the material, created prototypes of interior items.

At the exhibition you can see a chair made of fishing nets, a lamp made of algae, a mirror made of old T-shirts.

In the film, shown in the exhibition space, you can see the backstage of the project: the history of trips to landfills, production, interesting meetings, the creation of objects.

The exhibition "Trash to Fashion" will show an expert selection of the best studies in sustainable fashion in the Nordic countries and Russia: customization and upcycling is a bold and ironic alteration from the old to the new, the use of materials from recycled waste and the introduction of innovative textiles into fashion.

For a deep dive into the topic of recycling of daily waste, elements have been introduced into the exposition that will expand the horizons of perception of the functions of surrounding objects.

Lectures with the most interesting speakers, a round table with designers and workshops for young professionals will be organized for experts, skeptics of waste recycling and compassionate people.

Curators: Svetlana Sudat, Ekaterina Povaryonkina

Sustainable fashion expert: Anastasia Prikazchikova

Designers: Durat (Finland), Jonas Edvard (Denmark), Snøhetta (Norway), Vélosophy (Sweden), Facultative Works (Russia), Delo Design (Russia), Elnik (Russia), 52 Factory (Russia), Solid Water (Russia), Buliash Todaeva (Russia), Polina Mityaeva (Russia), Luch design (Russia), Boremir Bakharev (Russia), 99 Recycle (Russia).

Fashion: Renewcell (Sweden), Rens Original (Finland), Lovia (Finland), KnowledgeCotton Apparel (Denmark), Bergans (Norway), Arrúrarí (Iceland), Stratopacks (Russia), POLYΛRUS (Russia), Plasticdoom (Russia).